Data Platform for a Fintech Company


A US-based fintech company with an objective to build complete data platform solution to support application database and serve the customer applications and manage the data.

A well architected solution was built on cloud services.

Technologies like Sprinkle Data for ETL processes was used & a well-architected solution was built in the cloud space, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Strategic Solution


  • Optimized data processes and BI operations, leading to efficient data management and insights-driven business decisions.

Help us know you better

  • Analyze & assess 1 application, with upto 300 data elements
  • Identify the business cases that's tied with data
  • Assess Current Data Strategy (if any)
  • Define a Data Platform Architecture & Strategy
  • Define a road map & ROI trajectory
  • Access to our Implementation Methodology

Data & AI Strategic Assessment

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